1. Seven different models of Commodore Computers in one (C-64, C-16, C-116, Plus/4, C-128, Pet Business, PET Graphics).
  2. Features not found in other commercial (Keyrah o Tynemouth Software) products (see Keymmodore-64 Users Manual).
  3. Includes 3D frames and support for installing the board inside you Commodore.
  4. You do not need to remove your mainboard to use it. The «simple support» option easily fits along with the mainboard, attached to the keyboard frame.
  5. 3D Models are completely Open Source (any improvement will be very well accepted and shared!!!)
  6. It’s a DIY or “Do it Yourself” project, using «Off the Shelf» components.
  7. The Firmware for USB convertion is developed using QMK Firmware, a very powerful software used by mechanical commercial keyboards.
  8. Uses simple Arduino development boards.
  9. It’s completely reversible and non destructive. You can put back your Commodore to the original state without any scratch or hole.
  10. More versatile than commercial products like THE64 due to be able to work in any enviroment, not only emulating but also Operative Systems.
  11. You can adapt any part of this Project to your need and necessity.
  12. You have to share any improvement with the community !!! 🙂