The Keymmodore project is an interfase to convert keyboards and joysticks of Commodore computers in a USB device able to be connected to any Operative System with USB HID (Human Interfase Device) compatibility, like: PC (Windows/Linux), Raspberry Pi, Mac,  and even Android. This way, they Keyboard works like any other keyboard and the joysticks inputs are translated to key strokes too.

The main difference with other similar project is Keymmodore includes mappings or layouts able to faithfully reproduce several Commodore computers keyboards in emulators, like C-64, VIC-20, C-16, Plus/4, C-128 y PET (Graphics as well as Bussines keyboards). So you can have a real Commodore keyboard even using emulation. Also the layouts for other computers like PET, are very intuitive and allows you to acces any key or function from the original keyboard, even keys non existent in the keyboard.

This can be ideal to be a companion for PC emulators like VICE, or Combian and Bare Metal Commodore for Raspberry Pi.

For more information go to the Keymmodore-64 Users Manual.


With this project, you can use our Commodore Computer keyboard, as a “vintage” 100% working keyboard, with our everyday Notebook or PC, and connect it our «eighties» Joysticks too!!!

As a “spin-off” of the Keymmodore Project, I built Pimmodore. An «elegant» way to put a Raspberry Pi and the USB interfase inside a Commodore Computer Case. This way you can have a complete computer able to run not only modern software, but also emulates your favorite computers, including their joysticks.

With this project, you can recreate these 8-bit Commodore Computers, and also having a «cool» case and keyboard for your Raspberry Pi.