I’ve designed in SketchUp a set of supports and frames to attach the components to the computer case, so it’s easier to plug and unplug our case to any external computer. This gives you a Retro or “Vintage” keyboard look, and makes it ideal to use it with an emulator in PC or Rasbpberry!!

There are different pieces for different scenarios: You can leave the original mainboard original or you can remove it and replace it by the interfase and having a better looking case, with all the holes covered. In that case you can choose between having joysticks ports or not.

The models are easy to print in any 3D Printer of 22cm width and 0.4mm nozzle. A layer height of 0.2mm is recommended.

Also when you slice it, I recommend to use «supports» only from the printer bed (Touching Buildplate) because  in general,  the “bridging” of the plastic is able to manage the connector holes. For others cavities, the models have included supports.