Raspberry Pi Pico board wiring

using dupont cables and connectors

To connect our Raspberry Pi Pico, you are going to need Dupont female type cables. It’s also useful to use a 20 pins strip to plug to the C-64 keyboard connector, you just have to remove two non-used pins.



This is the pinout to connect our Raspberry Pi Pico to the keyboard, including an RGB LED.

It supports also autoswitching mode if you connect the three pins to the right, to GPIO 9, 10 and 11 to the Raspberry!!   

Optional connection for original Atari/commodore Joysticks

As explained before, the Atmel 32u4 board does not have enough pins to allocate the two Joysticks separately, so some «Y» connections in parallel are needed, as exlained here.

Below there’s the schematics and an example wired connector with female pins.  

Important Note: BMC64 Emulator allows direct connection of Joystick to Raspberry Pi’s GPIO, so if you plan to use ONLY that emulator for joysticks, you can wire them to the Pi.