Pimmodore-VIC20 is like Pimmodore-64 but using a VIC-20 case: A cool way to put a R-Pi inside your VIC-20 case with HDMI, USB and even analog video and audio outputs. Also the MicroSD card is accessible without opening the case.

A good thing of the VIC-20, is a larger cartridge port, allowing to fit three USB ports instead of two like the C-64 case.

Thanks to my friend Mariano for letting me use his VIC-20 for this project!!!

Bill of Materials

Pimmodore-VIC20 and Pimmodore-64 have almost the same Bill of materials. However the VIC-20 has room for one extra USB port, so don’t forget to buy three USB cables instead of two!!!

Sketchup file

This is the Sketchup file. You can build it with or without analog video and audio outputs. Also there are two covers for the HDMI cable depending which one you buy. 

STL Files for 3D Printing

To be uploaded. Contact me if you want them.

How to solder a cable to power the Pi

Micro USB connector is not needed for powering your Raspberry Pi. You can solder two cables directly to the bottom pads of the Pi. This way you also avoid the voltage drop of thin cables and bad USB connectors. Look at THIS video in YouTube