• Pimmodore-64 is a spin-off of Keymmodore-64. A cool way to put a R-Pi inside your C64 case with HDMI, USB and even analog video and audio outputs. Also the MicroSD card is accessible without opening the case.

Like Keymmodore-64, there are several versions of Pimmodore-64, according the following choices:

  • What kind of interface board you plan to use (Teensy ++2.0, Arduino Micro, Arduino Leonardo, ProMicro, Teensy 2.0)
  • What kind of C64 case you plan to use (Argentina «Drean» case, or USA/Europe case).
  • What kind of Power Supply you plan to use (modified Raspberry Pi PS, or ready to use 5VDC «brick» PS) 
  • With or without analog video and audio outputs.