Pimmodore-64 is a spin-off of Keymmodore-64. A cool way to put a R-Pi inside your C64 case with HDMI, USB and even analog video and audio outputs. Also the MicroSD card is accessible without opening the case.

There are two versions of Pimmodore-64. 

The first version is like Keymmodore-64, covers the holes up to the same levels of the plastic of the case. Nice if you want to print it in «tan» color, or any other color matching the original case.

Unfortunately the kind of USB cables for this version comes in different type and sizes, getting hard to design a «one size fits all» solution for the supporting frame.

Besides, some people asked to design a more «faithful» version, similar to the way connectors of the mainboard look from the outside.  So the second version tries to keep that look of as much as possible, with some frames further into the holes. Also uses USB panel mount cables so you don’t have to worry about those anymore.

You can find here the STL files for USA cases, and Drean (argentina) cases. Both versions included. 

Read the  .txt in the .zip files for a happy printing. 

First version (well, not really. USB cables retainers are from a prototype version).

Here you have the Bill of Materials and the Sketchup file for the first version. 

Second Version

Sorry, I haven’t had the time to shoot some decent photos yet. Here you have the Bill of Materials.