Commodore-128 Compatibility Mode

Being the layout similar to Plus/4 and C-16 in this mode the keyboard works like the C-64/VIC-20 Mode, except for the ESC that works also as a Modifier Key allowing to access to the propietary keys of the C-128 (ESC, TAB, ALT, CAPS LOCK, HELP, LINE FEED, 40/80 DISPLAY y NO SCROLL) and the Numeric Pad.

As usual, you have to setup your emulator, using the corresponding .vkm files and choose «Positional (User)» in Keyboard configuration.

Plus/4 Keyboard
C-16 Keyboard

This way when you tap ESCAPE works as ESC, but if you hold it, several keys switch to another layer, as shown in red. The rest of the keys will work normally.

When you exit the emulator, remember to switch back to PC Compatible Mode by pressing C= and CONTROL.