QMK customized Source Code

In case you know QMK and want to improve it. If you do please let me know!!!

for Atmel90USB1286


for MEGA32u4

(Arduino Leonardo, Micro, Teensy 2.0 and ProMicro). You need to comment/uncomment in keymap.c, config.h, and Keymmodore64.h according your board pins and leds.

already compiled .hex files to program your board

Select your board to download the right firmware for it.

If you do not know how to flash it, I recommend QMK Toolbox. For Teensy boards, you have Teensy Loader.

Arduino Leonardo
Teensy 2.0
Arduino Micro
Raspberry Pi Pico

Software utilities to test your Keyboard

Keyboard Test (in PC Mode)
Keyboard Test (in C64 Mode)