Here you can download .vkm files for Keymmodore or Pimmodore 264.


  • Your keyboard layout host system (PC, Raspberry, etc.) has to be set to «US» or «US International».
  • You need to change the Keyboard configuration in the emulator to Positional or Positional (User) and use the .vkm files corresponding to each model of computer to emulate.

There are two set of .vkm files for VICE. A GTK3 version and a SDL version. Put them in the same folders than the original .vkm files. Go to Settings/Input devices/Keyboard, select «Positional (user)» . Then browse and select the right .vkm file.  Also remember to «Save Settings».

BMC does not support Positional Users mapping so you have to rename .vkm files to «rpi_pos.vkm» replacing the default ones in the corresponding folders. Then go to Settings/Input devices/Keyboard and select «Positional».

Also remember to «Save Settings».

You can create /home/pi/Keymmodore-64 directory and put the files there. Go to Settings/Input devices/Keyboard, select «Positional (user)». Then browse and select the right .vkm file. Also remember to «Save Settings». (You can use WinSCP or any other SSH software to transfer the .mkv files).

Note 1: Due to some key mapping limitation in Combian emulator, right graphics PETSCII of @,+,-,* and \ keys, won’t match C-64 keyboard, matching the original PET layout.

Note 2: These vkm files should work also with VICE version distributed in Retropie, you can find more info here